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colors of clothes

How to coordinate the colors of clothes: The Best 13 Basics You Need to Know

Coordinate the colors of clothes

Every person seeks to appear in a decent and well-groomed appearance, where a person’s appearance is reflected in their personality and self-confidence, and the colors of clothes coordination in an orderly fashion plays a big role in the elegance of the person.

So, colors should be chosen very carefully so that this is reflected in the appearance, and it is advisable to avoid wearing more than three.

Combined colors and neutral colors can be used: black, white, and gray, as these colors are suitable for all other colors.

Using a Color Wheel

The best way to choose the colors of clothes and fabrics is to use a color wheel, as it helps to choose colors that are consistent with each other so that the eye is satisfied with them.

light and colors are divided into warm and cool colors, and examples of warm colors are orange, yellow, red, and Cold colors, for example:

Green, blue, and purple, and when mixing warm colors with cool colors, a new color is produced, while white, gray, and black colors are neutral colors, but they are important to coordinate clothes properly.

Avoid combining complementary colors

Complementary colors of clothes are colors that stand out and complement each other, but they are opposite (opposite) on the color wheel, for example: orange and blue, where it is best to avoid combining two complementary colors , only characters who are very confident and like bold clothes tend to Combine these colors.

There is a unique way to use complementary colors beautifully; It’s about combining a color with the color that complements it but in a lighter shade, like combining blue with a shawl and pale gold shoes.

Using Similar Colors

Similar colors of clothes are the colors adjacent to the color wheel, such as green and yellow, or red and orange, and these colors appear close to each other and are pleasing to the eye when ‘they are combined, and it should be noted that you should avoid placing more than three similar colors in the outfit the one.

Using primary colors

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue, and the combination of these colors looks nice, but only a brave character dares to wear it.

Don’t Mix Certain Colors

Some colors of clothes should avoid mixing them together, and yet some people still fall for them, like mixing black with blue, or black with brown, or brown with gray, or white with gray cream.

 Symmetrical colors

The combination of analogous colors of clothes gives an elegant look, because these colors exist together in nature and are determined on the color wheel by choosing one color, then skipping the next color and choosing the next color.

Triangular Colors

Triangular colors of clothes are three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel, and if the color wheel contains 24 colors, the number is 8 to 8, and if the color wheel contains 12 colors, the number is 4 to 4 , and the combination of these colors leads to some awesome coordinates that suit an evening outfit, and it can be worn at a party as well.

Monotone Colors

Monotone colors of clothes mean the use of a single color in the outfit, or the use of one color in different shades, or the use of neutral colors in different shades, such as gray in its undertones, and these colors are worn in formal or semi-formal occasions.

Neutral colors

Increase the beauty of the outfit, enhance the colors and make it better coordinated, the gray color is a good choice for the color of the outfit, it is possible that the skirt is gray and the upper part is dark purple and whether the scarf is pale gold in color, or men can wear Gray pants, white shirt, red tie, blue jacket and white shirt is a good addition to many pieces, it can be worn with black pants, a tie, jacket and scarf.

Tricolors in coordinated colors

You should pay attention to triangular colors of clothes, and these colors are:

Main color: It is the main color that takes up most of the space of the costume, like the costume formal black.

Secondary color of clothes : The secondary color can be close to the primary color or significantly contrasted with it, such as wearing a white shirt with a black formal suit.

Light or bright colors: the most contrasting color with primary and secondary colors, as it is used to emphasize and draw attention to certain parts of the costume.

Coordinate the color of clothes according to the skin color

It is recommended to coordinate the colors in a way that suits the skin color, according to the following:

Pale or yellow skin: suitable for cool colors, such as: dark blue, gray, and burgundy, in addition to green tones such as emerald, water blue, etc.

Cool skin: suitable for warm colors, such as: brown, honey, gold, dark gray and others.

Note: The ideal way to choose colors is to balance cool and warm colors, as well as eye makeup.

Fitting shoes with colors of clothes

You can choose the right shoes with clothes, paying attention to the following points:

Black shoes: are suitable for almost any color except delicate colors and some earth tone colors.

Brown Shoes: match brick, brown, beige, orange, green, and darker tones.

Light brown shoes: to match with light, blue, beige, white and light brick floors.

Dark gray or cream shoes: go well with white, light natural colors and as well as pastel colors.

White shoes: work with light, delicate and pastel neutrals.

Silver shoes: suitable for pastel, white, black, blue, also purple colors.

Gray shoes: Suitable for black, blue, red and shades of yellow and purple. Golden shoes: green, red, brown, black, and sometimes white shoes.


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