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How to match colors? The 25 Best Colors to Associate

Dressing in style requires a few prerequisites. Among the important rules that must be mastered, one holds a central place to “Match Colors“.

Even if you have managed to find pieces that match you perfectly, have the perfect fit, and match colors in your style, none of it will be useful if the colors do not match. The matter is that there are a lot of colors.

“Everything that you can see in the world around you presents itself to your eyes only as an arrangement of patches of different colors.”

– John Ruskin

To be more precise, there is an unlimited number of colors.

It is however possible to identify major trends, to know your color to associate with which other.

Here, is a list of 25 shades with those that go well with match colors. While this list does not claim to be extensive, it is meant to be an indication of sequences that go well together.

These guidelines are particularly acceptable when you are looking to match colors of your suit with a shirt or tie but can be applied very well to chinos and a t-shirt.

A little advice for everyday life saves to match colors. This page as a favorite and come take a look before you get dressed.


  • White: associate with blue / all colors
  • Black: associate with gray / all colors
  • Gray: associate with white / black / green
  • Muted red: associate with black / gray / sand
  • Brilliant red: associate with black
  • Bordeaux: associate with beige / sand
  • Raspberry red: associate with white, black
  • Pink: associate with gray / chocolate
  • Purple: associate with gray / brown
  • Dark sapphire: match with dark red / white / purple
  • Navy blue: associate with purple / brown / gray / and red
  • Electric blue: associate with light brown / gray
  • Turquoise: associate with fuchsia / brown / off-white, and dark purple
  • Yellow: associate with gray / black / white
  • Gold-plated yellow: associate with gray / brown / black
  • Brown: associate with green / black
  • Dark brown: associate with dark yellow / and dark green
  • Bright brown: associate with light yellow / off white / green
  • Beige: associate with the sky’s blue / brown / white / green
  • Dark green: associate with brown / dark orange / navy blue / and gray
  • Light green: associate with orange / light brown
  • Olive green: associate with chocolate color / gray / black / off-white
  • Mint green: associate with brown / gray / navy blue
  • Light orange: associate with gray / brown / and light green
  • Dark orange: associate with light yellow / and light green

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