MeryArts Blog How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? 4 Best Techniques: Acrylic Colors Painting for Beginners
Acrylics on Canvas Acrylic Colors Painting for Beginners

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? 4 Best Techniques: Acrylic Colors Painting for Beginners

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas?
Acrylic colors are quick drying artificial colors, as they retain their luster even after drying.

They do not flow easily and require special skill due to the difficulty of adjusting mixing them on the painting.

Because it dries quickly and is less affected by heat and other destructive forces compared to oil paint, as well as being preferred by artists concerned with the health risks, arising from treating oil paints and inhaling associated fumes.

So, How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Due to all these desirable properties, these colors became popular among artists, when they were promoted it first commercially took place in the 1960s, and notable 20th century artists who used this acrylic paint were:

Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, Barnett Newman, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Bridget Riley and British artist David Hockney.

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas

You must follow some tips that may help beginners to How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas when starting the drawing process, most notably:

Acrylic colors are quick to dry, so you should take a little color out of the tube, and then put a water spray bottle next to you to spray the colors from time to time, and that is from in order to keep colors wet and give professional painter effect.

• How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Use the palette to mix and experiment with colors, not the canvas for painting, as unlike oil paints you do not have time to paint directly on the canvas, because it will dry very quickly.

• How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Use high quality materials such as those used by a professional artist; To make your final artwork appear more beautiful and of higher quality.

• How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Take care of your paint materials; Paint brushes will damage very quickly if you don’t clean them properly every now and then. Painting on colored canvas is much easier than on white canvas, as it can be very difficult to paint the dark areas of your drawing directly onto a white canvas.


• How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Use large sized brushes; Because it is easier to cover all the canvas, as well as the small brushes are more accurate and realistic, so it may be difficult for beginners to use them, and professional painters prefer to use large brushes.

• How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Apply the paint layer by layer, starting from the bottom up.

Advantages of acrylic colors

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas? Acrylic colors have many different characteristics, the most prominent of which are:

• Acrylic colors are distinguished; They are bright, fast drying, and long-lasting colors, as well as being the least harmful and toxic of all colors.

• Acrylic colors are resistant to water and oil and are not flammable.

• It can be diluted with water but adding a lot of water may lead to a loss of consistency of the colors and their ability to adhere to the painting, so the colors must be mixed with water in specific proportions.

• Acrylic colors are used on a wide variety of surfaces such as: cardboard, cloth, wood panels, concrete, bricks, and wall coloring.

• The brushes used for acrylic paints are the same as those used for oil paints.

• Acrylic colors are sold in a wide variety of shapes such as bowls, tubes, ink bottles, and many more.

• The surface of the dry acrylic sheet can be cleaned by washing it with soap and water, and the brushes also clean the same way with acetone.

Facts and information about acrylic colors

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas?

There are many facts and information about acrylic colors that you may not be aware of in advance, the most prominent of which are:

• It is less than a century old, the first type of acrylic paint that became commercially available was the household polymer-based paint, which became available in the forties.

• Many artists use it as an alternative to oils or watercolors.

• Painting with acrylic colors gives your painting a sharp, clear, and bold effect, which is a good choice if you want a painting that looks realistic.

• As already mentioned, these colors dry quickly, although materials can be added to the paint; To slow down the drying process.

• You can paint one layer on top of another, and the one on top will not be visible at all.

• Acrylic colors can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Acrylic board that dries completely tends to attract dust; So, once you are done working on it, a layer of varnish must be added to prevent dust from collecting and damaging it.

• If you have a lot of acrylic paint on your brushes or on your hands, all you need is soap and water to clean it.

• Acrylic colors are known for their vibrant, loud, and attractive colors.

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas Like The most famous painters of the world


We review with you the following the most important and most famous painters in the world, they are:

• Leonardo da Vinci: Born in 1452, a painter who is well known, a scientist and inventor, Da Vinci is one of the most famous painters in the world because of his very famous painting, Mona 1519.

Vincent Van Gogh: Born in 1853, he is a Dutch painter famous for his famous paintings such as: Sunflowers, Starry Night and Terrace Café at Night, he died in 1890.

Rembrandt: Born in 1606, he is of Dutch origin and one of the greatest painters. Among his most famous paintings are: The Jewish bride and the storm of the Sea of Galilee, died 1669.

Michel Angelo: Born in 1475, he is a painter and an architect, he has many famous paintings such as the epic frescoes on the Sistine Chapel, he died in 1564.

Claude Monet: Born in 1840, he is a painter of French origin, one of his most famous paintings; Waterlilies, Women in Garden, and Impression Sunrise, died 1926.

Pablo Picasso: Born in 1881, a painter of Spanish origin, whose famous works include Guernica and the Bird of Peace, died in 1973.

  • Raphael: Born in 1483, he is an Italian painter, as Raphael, Da Vinci and Michael Angelo make up the trinity of the Renaissance, and among his famous paintings are Mond Crucifixion and The Wedding of the Virgin, died 1520.
  • Auguste Renoir: Born in 1841, a French painter influenced by the Italian Renaissance, one of his most famous works is Dancing at Le Moulin de la Galette, he died in 1919.
  • Jean Vermeer: ​​Born in 1632, he is a Dutch painter specializing in genre painting – a vivid depiction of still life, paralyzing His famous paintings, The View of Delft, Girl with Pearl Earring and Milkmaid, died in 1675.
  • Paul Cézanne: Born in 1839, a famous French painter, who has many famous paintings, the most important of which are: The Players Card and Still Life with Curtain, died in 1906.

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