MeryArts Art Art and Graphic Design 4 Things By Meryem BRIK - Artist Biography and Best Memory
Artist Biography 4 things by Meryem brik Meryarts 2

Art and Graphic Design 4 Things By Meryem BRIK – Artist Biography and Best Memory

Who I am?

Meryem BRIK is my name; I prefer to call myself Mery.  I was born in Salé, a historical city in northwest Morocco, across from national capital Rabat. I’m happy resident of Orlando in the sunshine state. I speak four languages, Moroccan Arabic, Classical Arabic, French, Spanish, and English. 

Design Artist biography

I have loved art since my childhood. I grew up in the artist’s family, both my father and my brother are extremely talented. Living in a creative atmosphere lead me finding my artistic voice to be a professional artist.

I started in art at the age of 11, drawing and painting under my father’s guidance. My father helps me to develop a range of my complementary skills, he has a terrific artistic drive.

I love painting my art pieces, mixing the vibrant different techniques such as acrylic paint, fabric paint with collage and rhinestones. These techniques add real visual fascination to my art.

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
Henry David Thoreau

I have always found my inspirations for my canvases from traveling around this beautiful country: Virginia, Texas, and the sunshine state Florida. I enjoy reading about new artists, visiting galleries and shows to see other artists’ art.  I Take a lot of photos and use them as references for my art.

Traveling is really one of my favorite hobby. Travel allows me to find my inspiration for my art and help me to relax my mind. I love spending my time on something I’m passionate about, I find that very interesting because each hobby is turned into a career.

I love the state parks, I enjoy more particularly fall and spring times, quite often observe small treasures while walking and get ideas from nature.

I started thinking about graphics because I have loved art and technology since my childhood. So, I decided to go for a field that brings them together.

This field eventually grew into a full-fledged business. I started as an artist and then developed my skills to achieve what I had hoped for. I learned that nothing is difficult because who works hard gets what he wants.

My Philosophy

Efficiency in design

Before starting anything, I take time and care to understand the core objectives of my business and what the design is meant to help me achieve. I do this simply to make sure that the graphic design I produce matches closely with the goals and objectives of my business.

Creativity is important, but it must be equaled to a business requirement and not just getting you “out there”.

Successful graphic design gets beyond the subjective “looks nice” and allows me to achieve something tangible.

Innovative design

I always strive to match the graphic design to my message and my core audience. This means avoiding designs that simply simulate whatever is the latest trend. I don’t want to end up looking like everyone else that has tried to be cool by mindlessly jumping on whatever is trendy this month.

I have worked hard to develop a range of my styles from projects across varying businesses. This means that I can deliver something that uniquely suits you and will appeal specifically to my audience.

Over the years I have worked with many companies. I aim to bring that experience and quality to my work to all my clients whether large or small. My hope is to exceed my expectations and to leave you surprised by the results.


My attention to detail

I have worked over the years in many artistic fields. One of the things I have learned is that a high level of attention to technical details is essential to ensure that a project runs smoothly and accurately.

Consider the correct and consistent communication process and incorporate several ideas into coordinated work that can be neatly printed.

All these things provide a better result for the customer.

My Passion

With each job, I try to put my touch and everything I have. I’m not interested in just “ticking off” and only bringing out average designs. I always want to make sure that whatever I produce is something I am passionate about if I was the customer. I am passionate about graphic design and I continuously educate myself through my constant research of everything related to the field of art in general.

The success is not a coincidence, it is carefully designed!


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