MeryArts Blog 6 Tips How to find inspiration for painting?
6 Tips How to find inspiration for painting

6 Tips How to find inspiration for painting?

How to find inspiration for painting?

Today you want to create! Your fingers itch with the need to hold a pencil or a brush.

You look at your canvas intently, crossing your fingers that an idea emerges—a simple thought. The promise of a painting succeeds. No matter what, as long as you feel that much-desired inspiration!

You contemplate the landscape through the window. But nothing to do. Your mind remains hopelessly blank. And then this unpleasant feeling hits you: surrounded by all your material, nothing motivates you to create.

Some days you do not have the vision to paint or draw. Finding inspiration then seems more difficult to you than paddling the Atlantic Ocean!

Do not worry, this is normal, and I can assure you we have all been there.

These are bound to be unpleasant times, where sometimes you need a little push to get past what is commonly referring to as “artist blockage.”

Here are six essential tips to help you find inspiration as an artist and get you started in the right direction!

1. Create every day

Easier said than done. Indeed, how do you create art every day if you do not feel inspired in the first place?

It is about taking the problem the other way. If you set aside a little of your time each day of the week to achieve something, even a quick doodle, you will develop a creative habit.

You can start by grabbing a simple sheet of paper and jotting down a sketch in 15 minutes. If you want to paint instead, then go for it! Grab a brush and spread your favorite colors on a canvas.

You will find that it will be complicated for you to get rid of this routine after a few days. The reason is simple: you will be eager to devote some of your time to painting. And believe me, you will develop more ideas than you know what to do!

It is no coincidence that some artists set themselves challenges at the start of the year, such as “creating 365 days in a row!” The goal is ambitious, but the result is definitely worth the effort. Ideas flow freely and develop new possibilities, each more exciting than the last.

2. Get rid of what you do not need

Yes, I know. There is nothing more complicated than asking artists to part with some of their supplies and other painting tools. But the organization of your workspace strongly impacts the way you function as an artist.

If your studio is overcrowded and your shelves are crumbling under the weight of your material, it can prevent you from thriving as an artist.

Here is what I offer you: sort it out regularly!

For your space to be a workplace and not a storage closet, it needs to be filling with materials and paints that you use. If you cannot stand the thought of getting rid of certain items, why not consider donating them to charities?

And as a less drastic solution, you can also put them in a box and store them away. Label this box with today’s date, and if you have not opened it in the past year, no more hesitation. It is time to get rid of it!

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3. Find the hours that suit you best

Ask yourself these questions: What time do I work best? When do I want to paint the most?

Suppose you have a precise answer to these two questions, great! You can stop reading this paragraph now and move on to the next tip. But if not, I invite you to take a pen and a notebook with you and always write down what you did in the previous hour.

I also recommend that you set up a reminder on your phone, so you do not forget to do it!

The objective of this exercise is simple: by noting all of your movements, the way you talk to people, how you feel when you start working or surfing the web, you establish a precise diagram of your behaviors in the world—the thread of the day.

It helps you understand when you are most productive and motivated.

4. Make mistakes

Many times a failure of inspiration comes from our fear of making even minor mistakes. We do not want to spoil what we are working on it. We do not want to take any chances if it does not pay off.

And yet, overcoming this fear can help you be even more inspired!

Inspiration is stifling when an artist approaches any creative endeavor with the fear of doing something wrong. Many options and other possibilities are eliminating in an instant.

You may have felt intimidated, scared at the thought of ruining a painting you were making in the past. This simple possibility completely blocked you and prevented you from pursuing your artwork, even though you knew full well that it does not finish yet.

It is that same fear that holds you back from stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your creative limits. And that is how you do not progress in your art and never take it to the next level.

Keep in mind this: art is all about risk! And for this reason, creativity should not be limited. Once you accept to make mistakes, then you open the door to endless possibilities.

5. Add a touch of nature to your days

It does not matter where you are now. By adding a little touch of green to your daily life, you can develop your creative cells like never before. Even a strong cup of coffee does not compare! Not to mention that it is also better for your health.

Even if you do not intend to paint a flower, just looking at one can be inspiring.

Even better, go for a walk! But do not just walk around constantly thinking about your problem. Take this outing to clear your mind completely. It will give you the necessary perspective to find possibilities that you had not thought of before!

And if you cannot hike in the woods, that is fine. Just open your window and watch the landscape stretch out before your eyes. Take the time to observe in more detail this magnificent tree that overhangs the road or these dappled clouds which glide peacefully on the horizon. On the ground, a weed is making its way through one of the cracks in the sidewalk. 

These are special moments, which remind you that beauty is in the details.

6. Watch, listen and read new and inspiring works!

We are fortunate to live in a time when access to culture and all forms of art has never been so easy and quick.

Sitting comfortably on your favorite sofa, it only takes a few seconds to access your phone or your computer. Millions of paintings display high resolution, music, films, photos of magnificent landscapes that make you travel around the world, and even online painting lessons! Isn’t that great?

And yet, we often tend to watch the same things over and over and stay toasty in our comfort zone.

I will be candid with you. That does not bode well for your inspiration!

From the beginning, humankind has pushed the boundaries of what was once thought possible by observing, improving, and demanding more. The first planes? They make of wood and canvas. And now look where we are!

A few words to conclude

Have confidence in yourself. The world is full of wonders, things to observe, to understand, and from which you can draw inspiration for your following paintings. The possibilities are limitless.

However, finding inspiration in art is a process that sometimes takes a little time. Do not be frustrated if you have not had that flash of genius seconds after installing your hardware!

The solution is in your mind, but you must reach for it and grab it at the right time. It is how you will create what you want.

So, what are you waiting for to get started?

Let me know in the comments if you have any inspiration issues. And if these few tips will be helpful to you!

You cannot break if you feel like your inspiration is trapping in a cage. It is time to think outside the box. Yes, you can do it! You may not realize it yet, but you have the weapons you need to find inspiration and overcome all obstacles. All you need to do is show curiosity and cultivate your mind differently.


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