Coordinate clothes well is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and planning to make sure that you have the right colors in your closet.

The process of choosing to coordinate clothes is one of the difficult processes that individuals face daily, especially girls, whether it is when choosing work clothes or choosing clothes for the day, party, and events.

There are many rules and principles to be observed when you coordinate clothes, such as: eye color Skin and body shape, so in this article we will talk about how to coordinate clothes in detail.

Choosing the Right Colors:

How Coordinate Clothes Well: 8 Easy Best Tips To Matching Colors
Enjoy the colors of the designs and paintings shown , and it is by analyzing these colors.

Choosing the right and consistent colors is one of the most important things to consider when you coordinate clothes, where it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Enjoy the colors of the designs and paintings shown , and it is by analyzing these colors. Also using them as a guide for the person when coordinating the colors of their clothes. So, it is possible to choose a color from a main garment, like a dress or a coat, depending on the predominant color in the design, then choose small or complementary pieces, such as a bag, or shoes, depending on the color less used in the design.
  • Use the color wheel to find complementary colors of each other, and complementary colors here mean opposite colors, which are opposite to each other in the color wheel. Like white and black, because these colors have Look great when combined together. For each color there is a complementary color, which is exactly the opposite color on the wheel Colors.
  • Best and most complementary colors are completely opposite colors, but some other colors, such as light yellowish green, can be combined with its color opposite the outer edge, such as dark purple.
  • Choose colors from the same category, for example colors colored together, earthy colors together, etc.
  • Choose white or black clothes when a person is in a state of confusion, or any other neutral color, such as: indigo, khaki, gray, blue, gold, silver and others, as these colors can be combined together, but the white and black are the best together.

Coordinate clothes to the shape of the body:

Clothing designers have made it a point to create and coordinate clothes that suit the shape of the body.

But even with all these efforts, there are still some issues with how clothing is designed for different body shapes.

How Coordinate Clothes Well: 8 Easy Best Tips To Matching Colors
Clothing designers have made it a point to create clothes that suit the shape of the body.

The Shape of the Pear:

The shoulder and torso area of ​​a pear’s body is narrower than the hip area, so you should avoid wearing sleeveless clothes or oversized jackets.

Tight jeans and pants, thin skirts, and fabrics that show off curves, such as silk, and dark pants with wide legs from the bottom are recommended as this makes the hips look slim and made. appear the person taller and weaker.

The neckline is shaped like a boat, to widen the line of the shoulders, until it is balanced with the shape of the lower body.

The oval body:

Is characterized by the oval body with a full waist that is wider than the rest of the body, so you should wear loose clothing around this area and avoid wearing anything that catches the eye like high waisted pants and belts, and it is also recommended to wear slim pants with short blankets.

You should focus to the legs, or wears loose dresses with high heels, or a short jacket and wide at the level of the stomach, and he can be with long or wide sleeves, which has the looks modern style, it is also possible to wear a narrow jacket just under the chest, then it becomes After that it gives a nice shape to the body.

The hourglass body:

The size of the hourglass body is narrow, the chest is large, and the hips are full, so it is recommended to avoid wearing clothes that do not have a specific shape, or those that are square, and short tunics are large in size, and you can wear high waisted pants that attract attention for the waist area, tunics that have a triangular neck slit, and choose skirts that are narrow at the waist and slightly larger wide after that.

The rectangular body:

Is characterized by a rectangular body shape in its shape from bottom to top, so it is possible to choose styles that fit comfortably in the middle of the body, to determine the shape of the body, and the narrow dresses of all parts of the body should be avoided.

Clothing wide at the waist, it is possible to wear pants narrow at the waist and slightly wider at the pelvis, to give shape to the body, and wear a jacket narrow in order to show off the waist, or wear a jacket with feminine sleeves, such as one with ruffles or layers, as it gives the waist to the shoulders, which makes the waist appear smaller than the lower part of the body, and it is advisable to wear a wide skirt which gives more shape to the lower area.

Interest in accessories:

Accessories give a personal touch to the overall appearance, especially since the colors of the coordinate clothes are mostly neutral, so bright and bold accessories should be worn with them, or choose composed accessories new materials, such as shiny materials and feathers, and an interesting addition to accessories can be used in a way that others, like buttons, are easy to use and do not require to spend a lot of money.

Coordinating trendy clothes:

How Coordinate Clothes Well: 8 Easy Best Tips To Matching Colors
It is recommended to wear a bright color and the rest of the coordinate clothes are one color.

Coordinate clothes Trendy can be harmonized in the following steps:

It is recommended to wear a bright color and the rest of the coordinate clothes are one color.

Loose clothing is recommended, and the rest of the clothing is narrow, considering the shape of the body. It is advisable to choose clothes striped vertically rather than horizontally. To make the body slimmer than it is.

Embellished dresses are recommended to be worn on nightly occasions, while evening dresses are appropriate for wearing dresses full of floral designs.

Avoid wearing several clothes at the same time of different coordinate colors, flowers, and graphics. This is to avoid a distortion of the appearance. Wear scarves of different types such as: silk, linen, satin, wool, and others, make sure to coordinate colors to the season, whether it is summer, winter or fall.

Tips for Choosing to coordinate Clothes Colors:

It is advisable to coordinate clothes to skin color as follows:

Skin color can be determined by observing the color of the veins on the wrist of the hands, if the color of the veins is purple or blue, the skin is often cold, and if the color of the veins is green then the skin is warm.

Choose clothing tones in a way that matches skin color, such as warm skinned one’s suit peach, gold and yellow while cool skinned ones suit red, blue and to pink.

Choosing to coordinate clothes according to the color of the eyes Cold skin people have blue, gray or green eyes, while those with warm skin have brown or honey eyes.


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