Best Handmade Cute & Elegance Happy Face Flower Pillow – Happy Face Preschool woman Decorative

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Fine Art by MeryArts Happy Face Flower Art fabric colors on fabric.

One of a kind by Artist – Meryem Brik

100% original Happy Face Flower hand painted using quality Fabric paint on stretched fabric.

Dimensions –
Image Size: 13 x 13 Inches

Materials: Cover material: Linen; Fill material: Polyester

Specifications – Fabric
Fabric paints – Rhinestones.

Elegant & chic a Female Happy Face Preschool cushion, pillow. Beautiful natural and lovely addition to your living room, bedroom etc.

Change up the look and vibe of your home with new cushions, each season to express yourself through cushions or pillows.

An easy and affordable way to freshen things up in your home.

This design are a mix of portrait art of illustrated Happy Face Flower on the face of little girl.

Is A great piece of art to liven any space and create a wow factor in your room.  You can Decorate with this unique embroidery to add a special touch to any space.

Cushion Flowers of face artwork, handmade with high care and attention to details. Is a trend that combines digital and illustrative design, merging the two elements together to create a wonderful Artwork.

Please feel free to contact the Artist here if you have any questions
about the artwork.


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