Colors Philosophy in your Life: The Most important 4 points you Should Know

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Colors Philosophy in your Life

Knowing which Colors complement each other is important to be harmonious and beautiful in the eyes of those who view them, and people need to understand how to coordinate colors.

Because he is involved in various areas of life, such as drawing, photography, graphic design, choosing colors philosophy for the walls in the house, and even coordinating daily clothes and makeup, and here is a set of important tips for coordinating color.

I) Understanding the color wheel

The color wheel is one of the first ways that helps coordinate color, so it is advisable to understand it, and it was developed after going through the process of refraction of light in the color of the world.

Rainbow through its passage in a prism, and these colors were arranged in a circle, and in the beginning the wheel helped painters choose cohesive color groups in their paintings, then evolve over time to contain all color shades and their overlaps, and the following is an explanation of how to use the color wheel:

  1. Color Wheel Basics: The color wheel consists of three primary colors, which are red, blue, and yellow, and it was named so due to the inability to form it by mixing other color, and it also contains three secondary colors, which are purple, green and orange, which can be obtained by The primary colors can be mixed together, and the primary and secondary color can be mixed together to make six new colors which make up the third wheel.
  1. Complementary Color: Understanding the color wheel makes it possible to choose colors philosophy that complement each other and use them together, as these colors appear very consistent, and the complementary color of one of the colors can be achieved by looking at what matches it on the wheel, for example yellow is purple, red is green, etc. Complementary colors blend well together and light up by simply placing them next to each other.
  1. Adjacent color: Adjacent color can be used on the wheel in various color formats; This is because they are beautiful and harmonious together due to their ability to merge well with each other, for example yellow and orange blend beautifully. Because they are close together on the wheel, which produces a yellow-orange color in the middle, and the blue color goes wonderfully with the purple; Also close to each other when trying to coordinate color.
  1. Tricolor: This harmonious group appears when you select three colors that are the same distance from each other on the wheel, and to get it you can start by choosing a color on the wheel and consider it as the first head to draw. an equilateral triangle and complete its design on the wheel to indicate its tri-color heads, and it is recommended to coordinate the clear and calm shades of these colors together as they look beautiful and elegant; Some may not find the use of her vibrant hues very consistent.

II) Warm and cool colors philosophy

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Help to understand the nature of warm and cool colors philosophy when coordinated to use them correctly, as warm color include red, orange, yellow, and the degrees between them, and this has also been called because it gives a feeling of warmth when looking at it.

It is associated with feelings of joy and pleasure, while it is seen Blue, green, light purple and cool colors philosophy shades between both, which give a feeling of comfort and calm, and when coordinating the color of the room, it is appropriate to paint small rooms in cool color and large rooms in warm color.

It is not necessary to coordinate the colors philosophy in a way that completely separates the cold from the warm colors, the colors can look beautiful by using the appropriate degrees of cold and warm together, and it will give a feeling of warmth and calm.

At the same time, it is remarkable that the warm colors are distributed on a specific side of the color wheel in when the cold colors are distributed on the opposite side and any mixed color can contain elements of warmth or coolness depending on what is mixed in it.

For example, when mixing purple with red, the red-purple colors philosophy will be produced, which gives a feeling of vitality, so it is recommended Pay attention to the concentration of colors when mixed; Because it affects the strength of the resulting color.

III) Earthy colors philosophy

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Can be difficult to notice on the color wheel as they are not bright colors and may not attract attention, and their popularity depends on changing fashion trends as some are commonly used over time.

In time include brown, creamy white, bright white, gray and blue-gray and others, these colors philosophy stand out when used giving a feeling of comfort, space and tranquility , as well as recalling the elements of the natural environment, such as sand, earth, rocks and sky.

Unlike some people who think they are boring, their presence is very important for many coordinates of color, whether in decoration, fashion, etc. For its ability to blend well with all primary and secondary colors.

IV) How to Coordinate Clothing Colors philosophy?

Many people can be confused when choosing the right clothing colors philosophy and coordinating them together to achieve a stylish, confident style, and the following tips when coordinating clothing colors:

  • It is better to wear different clothing colors philosophy to maintain the balance between them, one color does not seem to overwhelm the other.
  • It is best to wear clothes suitable for the complexion; Because it shows more vitality to the person, because it is suitable to wear clothes of cold color for people with pale skin and for those with warm skin, it is appropriate to wear light color of brown, honey and Golden.
  • It is advisable to coordinate a cool or warm color with pieces that contain neutral color, rather than having the outward appearance of a mix of neutral colors only.
  • Clothes that seem to change, blend, or gradually fade in their color can be worn as a modern and stylish option.
  • Calm parts and accessories are recommended when choosing patterned clothing.
  • You can choose clothes and accessories of a similar color or hues to be considered stylish options, and it is recommended to wear colors, such as black, gray, blue and white, as it is possible to depend on the season or the occasion to wear a bright or striking color.


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