It’s no secret that many women in the millennial generation are craving connection and intimacy. These days, it’s not just about finding a soul mate and getting married. Couples are looking for ways to deepen their connection and create a sense of family in their new single lives. That’s why virtual baby showers have become so popular. They allow friends and family members to celebrate the news of a new parent without actually seeing one another. Here are some fun ideas for a virtual baby shower to make the occasion even more memorable.

Play Games

The best baby showers don’t have any activities at all! But if you do have a few planned, pair them with a fun game. You can create a game that allows guests to give secret hints to help the new parents guess who they are. If physical gifts are part of the celebration, you can play a guessing game with those as well. A fun game also makes it easier to connect with guests. If you can ask each person to tell you one thing they love most about their families, you’ll have a deeper connection with the people celebrating with you.

Create a GIF Bar

If you’re hosting a virtual baby shower, you may want to include a GIF Bar. You can create this especially for your party by using a tool like Canva or Google Images. You can create a collection of images that convey the gifts of friendship, love, and support. Once you’ve added the images, make a simple template with text that says “from” and “to” within the image. This way, you can just type in the names of the people attending your party. Then, when a guest sends a new hint, you can add a new GIF to your bar.

Make Playing Cards

If you’re hosting a virtual baby shower, playing cards are a fun and easy way to create a connected experience. You can create your own designs or use the templates available on Etsy. If you’re planning a game, you can shuffle the cards and invite guests to guess who they are by making a guess on the back. You can also pre-decide on the gifts you’ll be giving, like a special book or toy for a certain guest.

Make Printable Activities

If you want to do more than play games and cards, you can make activities instead. You can make a coloring book for the parents featuring your friend’s baby and you can send it to them after the virtual shower. You can also make a scrapbook to share with them. You can personalize it with photos of your friendship, your family, and your guests. Then, when your friends see the scrapbook, they’ll have a richer experience with the new parents.

Virtual Baby Shower Party

Most people associate baby showers with games for the mom-to-be, party favors, or prizes. But what about technology? If you feel like having a shower but are unable to get everyone together because of life obligations, technology is exactly what will bring more power back into your event. 

A virtual baby shower is one way to have a party without the stress of hosting it, and many people like this idea. It allows you to invite friends and family who might otherwise have been too distant for the in-person celebration. Here’s how you can pull off an unforgettable fete with ease!

Host a Karaoke Night

Karaoke is another great way to create a connected experience at a baby shower. You can choose a theme, invite your friends to dress up in character, and sing along. You can also invite the new parents to join you and the guests. This can be a great way to get to know each other, especially if it’s a group setting. You can also invite a local nursing or pediatrician to help educate guests on baby health and wellness.

Serve Up Snacks and Finger Foods

For a baby shower that’s even more connected, serve a snack or finger food that’s also a gift. You can do this with games like card games or board games. You can also do this with food items like DIY baby bottles, DIY snacks like mac and cheese or popcorn, or DIY gifts like handmade baby books.

Make Gift Baskets

Baby showers are usually a time to give gifts, but you can also choose to put gifts into gift baskets for your virtual baby shower. You can also do this in conjunction with your bake sale. You can make a basket for each guest with a mix of homemade and store-bought gifts. You can include items that are personalized to the new parents, like a baby book filled with photos of their family members.

Celebrate Together

The best baby showers don’t end with the congratulations. The best showers are the ones that celebrate together. If you have any close friends who live nearby, you can make a toast at a restaurant or a nearby park. You can also celebrate together as a group by watching a movie or playing games on Xbox. The best virtual baby showers are the ones that are connected and celebrations.


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